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NEW! Used Hashtags Smart Collection

Now, whenever you use a hashtag, we’ll add it to a Smart Collection called ‘Used Hashtags’.

Sunsetting Mobile Browser

Today we are sunsetting the Mobile Browser version of Flick. This means if you want to access Flick on your phone, the only way to do so is via our iOS/Android app.

NEW! Mobile Analytics has Arrived

You can now get hashtag performance updates sent straight to your phone, and access Flick’s entire Analytics Suite through the app.

Updates to Competition and Potential Reach Scores

Multiple improvements to our Competition and Potential Reach Scores that will help you generate more Impressions from every hashtag you use.

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Tips for Using Flick’s Mobile App

Tips for finding hashtags on the go with our brand new hashtag app for Instagram. Explore the best practices for an efficient strategy, from your phone.

Homepage, Smart Collections, Suggested Searches

Two new features, and a whole new section – all created to speed up your workflow. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest updates to Flick. 

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Why we are Sunsetting Flick’s Graph View

We update you on some of the features we are changing in order to ensure we are the best hashtag tool on the market and are continuing to improve.

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What Makes Flick the Best Hashtag Tool for Organically Growing Your Instagram?

What makes Flick the best hashtag tool for organically growing your Instagram and reaching followers who are truly invested in your content? Find out here.

instagram staircase

Instagram Hashtag Strategy 2020 (Staircase / Ladder)

The ‘staircase’ method is an effective way to use Instagram hashtags and is the number one Instagram hashtag strategy for both beginners and experts.

What’s New at Flick? | May Update

Welcome back to another installment of ‘What’s new at Flick’ – where we break down all of our recent updates and changes that happened in May. 🥳 

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