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Tips for Using Flick’s Mobile App

Tips for finding hashtags on the go with our brand new hashtag app for Instagram. Explore the best practices for an efficient strategy, from your phone.

how to grow a niche instagram account

How to Grow a Niche Account with @foodjunkie_uk | Flick Talks

We spoke to food Instagrammer @foodjunkie_uk to ask her about her strategy growing her niche Instagram account so quickly during lockdown.

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What Makes Flick the Best Hashtag Tool for Organically Growing Your Instagram?

What makes Flick the best hashtag tool for organically growing your Instagram and reaching followers who are truly invested in your content? Find out here.

how to start hashtag strategy

How to Start Your Hashtag Research and Improve Your Strategy

We give you the full rundown on how to start your hashtag strategy and get on the road to increasing your Instagram reach by over 40%.

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How to use Hashtags on Instagram Stories

In this article, we talk you through what you need to know about how to use hashtags on your Instagram Story, in order to see results.

instagram staircase

Instagram Hashtag Strategy 2020 (Staircase / Ladder)

The ‘staircase’ method is an effective way to use Instagram hashtags and is the number one Instagram hashtag strategy for both beginners and experts.

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Turning Impressions into Followers with Finn Mckenty

Finn Mckenty talks us through his strategy on Instagram, and how he turns Impressions into followers, increasing his reach with every post.

what hashtags are banned

Everything you Need to Know About Banned Hashtags in 2020

How do you check if a hashtag is banned on Instagram in 2020? We take you through the steps to avoid banned hashtags and protect your account.

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How to use Hashtags as a Social Media Manager

If you are a social media manager and want to learn how to improve your reach via Instagram hashtags, take a look at this simple guide, just for you.

improve hashtag strategy

9 Essential KPIs for Improving Your Hashtag Strategy

Take a look at our new, concise guide on how to improve your hashtag strategy just by measuring and analyzing these 9 essential KPIs.

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