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how to Instagram small business

How to Use Instagram as a Small Business

Trying to reach your target consumers on Instagram as a small business? Here’s everything you need to know to start growing organically.

Mastering the Feed: Vix Meldrew on How to Build a Personal Brand

How do you build a personal brand on Instagram? We hear from expert Vix Meldrew, founder of Grow & Glow on her tips and tricks in our podcast.

NEW! Used Hashtags Smart Collection

Now, whenever you use a hashtag, we’ll add it to a Smart Collection called ‘Used Hashtags’.

Sunsetting Mobile Browser

Today we are sunsetting the Mobile Browser version of Flick. This means if you want to access Flick on your phone, the only way to do so is via our iOS/Android app.

organic instagram growth

Mastering the Feed: How Ben Leavitt Grew an Instagram Account from 0-10K

In the first episode of Mastering the Feed, we spoke with Ben Leavitt about his organic Instagram growth strategy which saw his account skyrocket.

good instagram captions

How to Write Good Instagram Captions

Learn our tricks for writing good Instagram captions that will engage your existing followers and attract new audiences to your page.

How to Manage Your Instagram Strategy From Your Phone

Learn how to manage your entire Instagram strategy from posting to analysis directly from your phone in this new article on our blog.

most important instagram analytics

Which Instagram Analytics are the Most Important?

Read about the most important Instagram analytics for growing your account and reaching new followers, organically.

how to beat the instagram algorithm

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2021

Struggling to beat the Instagram algorithm in 2021? Let us share our algorithm tricks with you so you can work with it and not against it.

How to Sell on Instagram in 2021

Want to learn how to make your page more profitable and sell on Instagram in 2021? Read our new blog post for the top tips and tricks!

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