Nov 10, 2019
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Debunking the top 10 Instagram Myths

In this post, we go through the top 10 Instagram myths that you think might be affecting your account. We also look at how to improve your Insta strategy.

Julia Cohen

Throughout our time developing Flick and researching the perfect Instagram hashtag strategy, we’ve come across a lot of what we like to call – Instagram myths. These are questions that pretty much everyone looking to grow and improve their Instagram account has probably wondered or asked at one point, but the true answer may still remain a mystery.

As we get asked a lot of questions when it comes to what works (and what doesn’t) on Instagram, we’ve decided to put together this guide – in which we will debunk your Instagram myths about hashtags, growing your account and more. If you’ve read this post, and still have unanswered questions – send us a comment or a message and we’ll get back to you (we might even include your question on our next round of debunking Instagram myths!).

Debunking Your Instagram Myths 🕵️‍♂️

If I change the hashtags on an existing post, will more people see it?

We’ve noticed that a lot of people wonder whether changing hashtags on an existing post, will help them appear to more audiences. The answer is – probably not. Hashtags are based on time, aka. when you post your content, not when you add the hashtags. So, even if you post your content on Monday, and add hashtags on Tuesday, you’re probably not that likely to see the results you were hoping for. The best time to add hashtags to a post is right after it goes live, as hashtag feeds are not only based on popularity but also when you post.

Should I put my hashtags as part of my caption, or as a comment?

It doesn’t actually matter! Just make sure you pick one or the other – whichever suits your account and preferences the best. Before you ask – you can split up your hashtags between a comment and your caption, so long as you don’t exceed 30 on your post overall – or it won’t work. 

Does shadowbanning exist?

Many people wonder if shadowbanning is a myth, and the answer is that the concept does have some truth to it. Because this answer is a little lengthy, and there’s no yes-or-no way to telling if you’ve been “shadowbanned”, we’ve written up a post on how you can tell if you are (and what you should do about it) here.

Which hashtags get the most likes?

No specific set of hashtags will get you the most likes, but using the right hashtags that match your account, will give you the highest chance of upping your engagement. So, you have to take in to account a multiple number of factors – you can’t just pick 30 hashtags, post them in your caption and expect immediate results. You need to consider the type of content you are posting, the number of likes you get on your posts generally and what hashtags fit both of these factors the best. This will get you closer to picking hashtags that will give you the results you need. 

Does Instagram penalize me for using a scheduling tool?

Not if the tool you are using has access to Instagram’s API (chances are – if it doesn’t, the tool probably won’t even schedule your posts). Some third-party apps will work, and won’t affect your account health, but some won’t work at all if they aren’t legitimate or don’t have access to Instagram’s API.

The Instagram algorithm hates me.

Whilst the algorithm changes can be a little frustrating at times, there are ways to use it to your advantage, and actually, make it your best friend. By using the right hashtags, posting engaging and top-quality content and truly understanding how the Instagram strategy works, you can work with the algorithm to your advantage. A little more on this, here.

Does using a business account, or a personal account make a difference to my reach?

No. Whether you have a business account, a creator account or a personal account, your account type shouldn’t impact your reach.

Hashtags don’t do anything.

We may be a little bias, but this is the biggest Instagram myth of all! Hashtags can improve your account reach by 15-40% if you use them the right way, and can help get your content in front of new audiences. Think of hashtags for your Instagram account like you’d think of SEO for your blog. They require research and strategy, but when done right can really help with your organic search and visibility to your page.

Does buying followers on Instagram work?

Yes – in the sense that you’ll suddenly have a lot more followers, no – in the sense that they likely won’t be engaged with your content, and your account could be penalized. Instagram is really cracking down on anything or any account that uses a bot to increase engagement, followers, story views – you name it – on their platform, so it’s best to avoid.

Got more Instagram myths that need busting?

Feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible – or leave us a comment on this post.

If you want to up your hashtag strategy game, start your free trial with Flick or read more of our content, where we help you develop the best Instagram hashtag strategy for your account!

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