Oct 03, 2019
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How to use Flick’s Hashtag Search Filters

Cut through the noise, and find Instagram hashtags that are perfect for your account size and engagement rate.

Sam King

The aim (whether you’re a pro or just getting started) is to get your content to ‘rank’ in the top posts section of as many hashtags you use on your post as possible. Use search filters to cut through the noise, and find hashtags that are perfect for your account size and engagement rate.

As a reminder, you should always use hashtags that: 

  • Are the perfect size for your account (these are hashtags that have a similar ‘average likes’ to what you usually achieve on a post).
  • Are relevant to what you’re posting about and the audience you’re reaching.

💡Pro tip: you should also look out for hashtags that have a low competition score and a high potential reach score.  (Only available on growth plan)

Let’s say you usually receive 600 likes per post, and the content that is ranking in the top posts section of a specific hashtag (the place you’re aiming to get to) all has 3,000 average likes, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to compete in that space.

However, if you find a hashtag where the ranking content has around 400 average likes, you’re very likely to be able to compete for a spot there!

We can apply a filter to Flick’s suggestions so you only get hashtag suggestions that you can compete on!

By adding the filter above, you’re telling Flick that you want hashtag suggestions where ranking content has (on average) less than 800 likes – this is a little more in our competition range for our account, and is more likely to provide results!

If you’re still not too sure where to start, trying activating our ‘suggested filters’ – our algorithm will look at your linked Instagram account and create filters for you! Then, you can tweak these whenever you want.

If you’d like to dive further into different hashtag strategies, you can read our guide on building a hashtag strategy. 

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