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How to Change Your Instagram Story Background Color

How to Change Your Instagram Story Background color in just a few simple steps – plus more tips on Instagram Story design!

Julia Cohen

As Instagram Stories have developed, they have become more and more creative, including options to use new text, include stickers and interactive polls and engage even more with your valued followers. Creating a simple Story is part of your larger content strategy, but you might not always have photo or video content to use. If you want to create a Story without having to upload any photo or video, or just want to spice up the aesthetic of your Stories, we will show you how to change your Instagram Story Background!

How to Change Your Instagram Story Background Color

Changing your background to a solid color

This Instagram hack is simple and easy to do on pretty much any account. First, enter into Stories mode on Instagram, and snap a picture – it can be of literally anything, because we’ll use our magic to make it disappear!

To change your Instagram Story background color, just click on the ‘draw’ tool, and select the color you want your background to be.

story being uploaded to instagram

Once selected, press and hold your Story, and the background color will change!

You can then insert text, gifs, images or drawings on top of your new background! Want to take it a step further? By using the eraser tool, you can erase parts of your new colored background, to reveal sections of your original image:

instagram story color changing

This allows you to get creative with your photos, without having to use a secondary app like Photoshop, or another editor tool.

How to change the background of your Instagram Story when sharing other posts

This trick also works when sharing other content to your Stories, from feed, Reels or IGTV. If you don’t like the background that Instagram has given you as a default, you can change it in the exact same way, and the post will still remain in the foreground:

changing background of story with image


How to make a transparent background color on your Instagram Story

This trick is very similar to how we created a solid background color, but instead gives more of a color wash, so your picture can still be seen. You might do this if you want a colored filter over your photo, or want to use. your photo as a background image.

Follow the same steps as before by taking or adding a photo to your Instagram Story. Then tap the highlighter pen tool, and select the color you want to use for your background.

instagram story hacks

Long press on your photo, and your semi-transparent Instagram Story background color should appear!

instagram design tips

How to change your background color without covering your photo

Let’s say you want your photo to be even more visible, with a new background and it isn’t one that you are resharing.

Create a solid background color first, by following the usual steps (again, you can use any photo to create this).

instagram story tips

Next, swipe up, and tap on the camera roll sticker.

how to instagram story

Select the photo you want to use on your new background and voila!

instagram storysocial media how to


We hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to change the color of your Instagram background! Remember to keep up to date with our Instagram How To section, for more handy hacks and tricks like this, in order to keep your Instagram game up to scratch. Let us know what other tricks you want to learn by leaving a comment, or sending us a DM on Instagram! And, if you want to learn a little bit more about how we can help you increase your organic growth on Instagram by 40%, just click the banner below.

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