Feb 10, 2021
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How to Manage Your Instagram Strategy From Your Phone

Learn how to manage your entire Instagram strategy from posting to analysis directly from your phone in this new article on our blog.

Julia Cohen

You capture content with your phone, you scroll on Instagram from your phone, and you can now search for hashtags from your phone. So, it makes sense to manage your Instagram strategy from your phone, so that your growth is with you wherever you go. In today’s article, we’re going to talk you through how to manage your Instagram strategy from your phone, so that you can use the insights you have readily available to adjust your strategy, wherever you are.

How to Manage Your Instagram Strategy From Your Phone

Analytics 📈

First thing’s first – at the core of any Instagram strategy is an informed plan according to the analytics of your account. Before you put together a new action plan, it’s always essential you look back on your previous posts to see what has performed well, and more importantly – why? There are a number of important analytics you should be paying attention to, which we highlight here. Managing your analytics from your phone is pretty easy. You can either use Instagram’s native analytics to explore metrics such as saves, likes, comments, and more, but to get an in-depth analysis of your account’s performance, you can also use Flick’s Analytics Suite, which is available in-app.

On the Analytics homepage, you will see an overview of the number of people you have reached, profile visits, and follower change for a set time period (which can be changed according to what you would like to view). Additionally, you can see exactly which times are the best for you to post according to your audience’s engagement levels so that you can schedule your post for that day accordingly.

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Finally, you can view all of your recent content on Instagram, alongside each post’s engagement rate, reach, the number of hashtags ranked, views, comments, saves, and exactly which hashtags you have ranked on.

What is particularly useful about this, is not only can you see which content formats are performing well on your account across your selected timeframe, but you can also select the hashtags you are ranking on, and save them to your Collections for the future. If you notice you are continually ranking highly on a hashtag, you might consider using it more frequently, and on the other hand, if you notice you never rank on another hashtag, you can remove it from your overall strategy. You’ll also receive notifications after we have collected all the data around a post, to let you know which hashtags you’ve ranked on.

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Having this information at your fingertips makes it a lot easier to add or remove hashtags without having to analyze everything from your desktop. Also, you might notice that a content format is consistently performing poorly, so could swap out what post you planned for one day to make it more in line with the success you historically see.

Planning 📆

Making sure you keep to your schedule is easy when you plan out your content for the week or month. And, since Instagram is a visual platform, it’s so much easier to see what will work on your feed when you can visualize it. There are a number of different apps that actually allow you to upload content and see what your grid would look like as in advance as possible. Then, you can move posts around according to what aesthetically looks best – all you have to do is check which post you’ve allocated to that day and then get posting or scheduling! Planoly is a good option for this.

Captions 🖋

If your actual content is the bread of your Instagram page, then your caption is the butter. What you say to your followers (or potential followers) is important, because it gives them more of an idea of who you are, gives context to an image or video, or communicates important details. So, when it comes to captions, often you have to think about what you say and craft it carefully. You can of course use planning apps to add and save captions that are allocated to each post so that it’s as simple as a copy and paste.

And, whether you add hashtags to your comments or captions, you can organize these in advance too. Just head to the Flick app, copy and paste strategic hashtags from your Collections that match the content you are sharing, or start a new hashtag search. If you do start a new hashtag search, we suggest turning Smart Filters on, which will automatically remove hashtags that are too competitive for your account whilst you are searching. Also, make sure to add the hashtags you use to a new Collection, in case you want to use them again in the future. Then, it’s as easy as copy-paste!

Posting & Interacting 📹

Ready to post? Great! You can either copy all of the information you need across from your phone and directly post in-app or you can use a scheduling tool (like Facebook’s business manager) to schedule your posts ahead of time so that they publish at the most strategic times for your account. Make sure you pay attention to when your posts are going out, so you can hop online and reply to any comments or shares, upping your engagement even further.

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to manage your Instagram strategy directly from your phone, and that you picked up some quick tips on how to save time whilst increasing your growth. Let us know your thoughts, and check out Flick’s Mobile app here, or by clicking the banner below.

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