Oct 22, 2019
Instagram Hashtags

How to Pick Hashtags For Your Posts

Knowing what hashtags to pick for your Instagram posts will help get your content in front of the right audiences on Instagram.

Sam King

For anyone trying to build up a successful and engaged Instagram account, hashtags are a known necessity. However, there’s not too much out there to guide you on how to pick Instagram hashtags, the right way. We’ve seen countless strategies – from groups of hashtags saved in the ‘notes’ sections of phones that are used over and over again, to spontaneous making up of hashtags with each new post.

So, we understand – it’s tricky to know exactly what to do, and whether you’re even doing it right – because a lot of hashtag strategy in the past has been built on guesswork. We have multiple resources to help you along your hashtag journey, but in this post, we will show you, simply, how to pick Instagram hashtags for your posts.

First, what are hashtags good for?

The hashtags you use will have an impact on what type of account and content you post, and Instagram will use this to categorize your account to show your content to the correct people!

By using hashtags in your posts, you can reach untapped audiences on Instagram who may be interested in your content, product or services.

How do I use hashtags?

You can use hashtags on feed posts, story posts and within your Instagram bio. Every post you create can be accompanied by up to 30 hashtags to help your content get discovered.

how to pick Instagram hashtags


Why hashtag size matters…

There are two sections to a hashtag, ‘recent’ & ‘top posts’. To get the best results, you want to rank in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag.

You also want to be using hashtags that have a similar ‘average likes’ to the average number of likes you receive on your content.

By activating suggested filters when making your searches, Flick will automatically remove hashtags that you aren’t likely to ‘rank’ on. We’ll also never suggest any banned or flagged hashtags that could affect the health of your Instagram account – we bet you didn’t know #tbt is actually a ‘banned’ hashtag.

A simple strategy

Finally, we want to share with you how you should map out your strategy when it comes to how to pick Instagram hashtags for your posts that should hopefully get your account up to scratch.

how to pick instagram hashtags

Remember: the hashtags you use must be as relevant to your post as possible! You’re more likely to engagements and follow if the new people you’re reaching are interested in your content.

Now you know how to pick Instagram hashtags. Not sure what to start searching? Give this a try.

Find, manage and analyze Instagram hashtags for your posts.





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