May 26, 2021
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Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Reels Insights

Instagram have just released Reels Insights, and we are here to give you the low-down on how to view, use and apply them to your strategy.

Julia Cohen

If you stay in the loop on all things Instagram, you will know that they have just announced the rollout of Reels Insights – something we most definitely have all been waiting for. It’s a total game-changer, because it means that you can now start to understand a little bit more about how your Reels are performing, and what is influencing whether or not they go viral. Today, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Instagram Reels Insights, as well as how to access, use and apply them.

Everything you Need to Know About Instagram Reels Insights so far

Instagram Reels Insights are a new analytics section, which makes the metrics relating to your Reels visible. Before, you were only really able to see your view count, comments, and likes just by tapping on your content, but now, Instagram have included a dedicated tab, which is similar to the Insights tab on your static posts and videos.

How do you view Instagram Reels Insights? 

Navigate to your Reel, and tap ‘View Insights’ which should show on your screen when previewing from your feed. You can also access Reels Insights by clicking into the full Reel, tapping the ‘…’ icon, and selecting ‘View Insights’ from the options list.

instagram reels insights

What Insights can you see?

When you tap into your Insights, there are two sections – Discovery and Interactions. Discovery displays the number of accounts you have reached, alongside the number of individual plays of your video. This is almost the equivalent of your Reach and Impressions on a normal post, and can indicate whether or not people tend to rewatch your videos, or just play them once.

Interactions show Likes, Comments, Shares and Saves. You could already view most of these metrics before, but Instagram have now given the option to see how many times people save or share your Reels (depending on where you are located, due to privacy regulations). Understanding how many times your video is shared, in comparison to other Reels content you make, can also help you decipher whether people want to come back to your videos, share them with their friends, or think the content is value-adding enough to revisit at a later time.

instagram reels insights

Finally, you can also access more holistic Insights on Instagram Reels, in your Overview Analytics section within your account. By navigating to the Reach section of your insights, you can see the number of followers and on followers you have reached, and how this compares to the reach of your content type. You will also be able to view the top Reels you have posted within the given time frames of the last 7 or 30 days, to get a quick overview on your top performing Reels overall. Use this to inform your strategy on the type of Reels you should be creating to resonate with your audience and new followers.

instagram reels insights

Although Instagram haven’t exactly gone crazy in the Insights they have first rolled out for Reels, this is definitely a first step in the right direction. It also suggests that API access for Reels Insights is on the horizon, which means you should soon expect to see even more detailed Reels Insights in the Analytics Suite in Flick, which will allow you to see where your Impressions are coming from, and which hashtags are working best.

Got any questions about the new Insights for Instagram Reels? Send us a DM! If you haven’t yet started to use our new IGTV and Story Analytics, just click below to explore them further!

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