Aug 05, 2020
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Instagram Update: What’s Happened in July 2020?

What new features have Instagram released in July 2020? Find out in our monthly Instagram update for July, where we detail everything you need to know.

Julia Cohen

Welcome back to our Instagram update for July 2020! We’re so excited to share with you everything that has been released, updated, or announced on the platform. Over the course of July Instagram rolled out features that we had long been anticipating, as well as passed their mic over to smaller creators to introduce themselves to the world using Instagram’s massive platform. Take a look at our personal updates to Flick for July here! We have also released this blog post as an IGTV, which you can find on our feed

Instagram July 2020 Update ☀️

Create and donate 💸

Instagram has opened up its platform to support more social initiatives and allow its users to fundraise from their profiles. A new feature is being tested in the US, the UK, and Ireland, which means that people can set up fundraising initiatives that will appear when active just above the ‘follow’ button on someone’s profile. If you want to donate to an initiative or cause, you can select the amount you would like to donate, and the money will be directly applied to the fundraising activity – which is set up with a target amount to raise as well as a selected timeframe that the fundraiser can run for.

Users will be able to select a photo for their fundraiser and add details including a description, title and more with the Instagram handles of those that have already donated appearing on the main fundraising page. This is a great way to apply some of Facebook’s more popular features to the Instagram platform as well as incorporate more opportunities for social initiatives via creative fundraisers online.

instagram update july 2020

Facebook Pay has become available 💰

Facebook Pay has started to become available in the US, after being announced a little over a year ago. Similar to Paypal it should provide an easy checkout option for users to order products online. You can implement security measures such as Face ID and two-step authentication and it’s likely that this will be strongly incorporated into the new Instagram Shop, which has also started testing this week.

facebook pay

Get pinning 📌

Pinned comments are officially live on Instagram, which means you can feature your favorite comments on your posts, and make them appear first. This was initially believed to be designed as a way to combat hate comments on posts so that users could highlight positivity, in hand with the option to flag or bulk delete negative comments. You can pin a comment easily – just go to your post and swipe the comment that you want to pin to the left, click the pushpin icon, and voila – your comment will be pinned!


July 2020 Instagram newsroom 🗞

Prevention tips for COVID❗️

Instagram announced that “with the rise of COVID-19 cases in the US” they would be putting an alert at the top of the Facebook and Instagram apps to remind everyone to wear face coverings and find more prevention tips in their COVID-19 Information Center. This is a move from Instagram that clearly defines their stance on the mask debate and encourages their huge audience to stay safe to protect themselves, as well as others around them. Incorporating a resource section for users to explore, allows Instagram to extend itself as a space for education and awareness.instagram update July

Time Out x Instagram’s Small Business Festival ☀️

Instagram partnered with a major publication (both online and offline), Time Out, to create a small business festival on Instagram. Time Out went Live with businesses in New York and London to host “workouts, cooking classes and more” in a bid to promote small businesses and encourage cash flow towards brands that have struggled during the pandemic.

Live shopping 🛍

We have talked about live Shopping before, and the prospect of Instagram introducing this into their Instagram Live features – and recently we saw it hit our screens. As users watch their favorite brands or influencers’ ‘live videos’, they can shop directly within the platform, seeing the products mentioned or used pop up as a link at the bottom of the video. This is an interesting move, and we are interested to see how successful it is in driving conversions.

instagram update July

We are excited to see how users respond to each of the new features introduced by Instagram in July 2020 so far. We expect to see a rise in shopping capabilities within the platform, as well as newly released features geared towards entertaining users, especially with the threat of a second lockdown.

We hope you enjoyed our Instagram Update for July 2020! If you would like to learn more about how you can improve your overall strategy, just take a look at our four tips for organically growing your Instagram account, here.

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