Oct 07, 2020
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How to Turn one piece of Video Content into ten

Top hacks for repurposing content on Instagram to increase your efficiency and growth, even when you’re in a content rut.

Julia Cohen

It’s easy to burn out when you are running a content engine that keeps on giving, and it’s almost a catch-22 because you know that to succeed on Instagram you have to stay consistent. So, how do you maintain frequent, high-quality content without hitting a roadblock? By making it go farther. In today’s article, we focus on the top hacks to know soo yu can repurpose your Instagram content and turn one post or video into ten more.

How to Turn one piece of Video Content into ten

Planning and organizing 📆

The first step to a solid posting strategy is making sure you stay organized. If you have a good scope on your capacity for creating, editing, and posting content in one month or week, then it’s easier to stay on track instead of feeling overwhelmed. There are a number of different tips and tricks you should implement into your schedule and strategy in order to plan ahead.

  1. Schedule time to create. If you know you are goings to be interviewing someone for a piece of video content, for example, plan this in. If you know you have time in the morning before work to shoot or edit a specific series on your Instagram, plan this in. Specify exactly which pieces of content you plan to work on, on which days, so you can tick them off as you go.
  2. Use a formula. If you struggle to plan in content ahead of time, you can use a formula for your feed. You might choose to alternate between static and video content for example, or actionable carousels and quote pictures. Giving yourself structure makes for easier grid planning.
  3. Be realistic. You might find yourself with a quiet week where you can produce and edit a lot, but don’t post it all at once! If it isn’t likely you can stick to posting every single day, save your bulk content to publish every other day,  or every few days so you don’t get to a point where you are out of content and ideas and have nothing to post.
  4. Put it down on paper. Don’t keep everything in your head. Whether you want to use a written diary, an excel spreadsheet, or a tailored planning app, make sure you have your schedule and plan somewhere that is easily accessible for you to check in on, tick off as you go, and keep yourself accountable.

How to repurpose content ♻️

Repurposing is the number one hack for increasing the longevity of your Instagram content, and the efficiency of your account, giving you less pressure to create when you don’t want to, or when you hit a content rut. Let’s talk about how you can repurpose content, and some of the most useful hacks you can have in your arsenal.

Video content is one of the easiest things to repurpose because there are so many different ways you can manipulate it. Let’s say you host a live interview with someone that is key within your niche. Before you even record or post your video, think about how you can tease it on your feed. This almost creates an opportunity to piggyback off of content that hasn’t even been created yet, as well as drive buzz and anticipation before it launches. Here’s an example of Miley Cyrus doing just that with her live interview series:

The first thing you do when it wraps is add it to your IGTV so that your viewers can watch it again if they missed it, or wanted to relisten to a certain invaluable tip. Instagram’s interface is already encouraging you to repurpose before you’ve even tried! Here’s what it might look like:

Now that you have your live video added to both your feed and IGTV, you can repurpose even more. Download the video and search for sections that have some actionable quote, value-adding info, and nuggets of information that people will understand, out of context. Split these selected sections into separate clips which you can later plan into your grid as normal videos or Reels (up to 30 seconds).

Let’s say your video was an interview with Elon Musk on the future of space travel (lucky you!). You’ve highlighted a quote where he talks about his three top predictions for the future, and you isolate this as a separate video you think your followers (and others) would find helpful and engaging. You could upload this video into Reels, add titles like “Elon Musk’s predictions for the future” and save it for when you are ready to post, in line with your schedule.

So far, we have an Instagram Live, an IGTV video, a feed post, and some Reels. Let’s keep going.

So your feed isn’t just video. You want to mix it up with static posts, so you should also think about different ways that you can use the content that was said in the video for different formats. One of the most common ways to do this is by highlighting inspiring and shareable quotes that are likely to rack up saves, shares, and likes. You can use a platform like Canva to create a designed asset and featured quote from your videos in advance, and prepare these for when you want to post them on your feed.

Besides quotes, you can also think about carousels. Was there a lesson learned in the video you recorded? Is there a way to break it down into a number of steps that you can feature across one carousel post? Think about some of the key topics covered and split them up into sections that will be value-adding to people. This is one of the best ways to capture engagement, but also help your users stay interested in your content as they feel like they are truly learning something from your page.

With video, comes audio. Another hack to repurpose your conversation into new content is by converting certain sections into audio snippets and using these to create Instagram posts with platforms like You can show the waveform of your guest (or yourself speaking) alongside the audio and quote, or their name. This goes one step further than posting written quotes because it allows your audience to really feel like they are hearing from someone – it’s more personal and therefore more engaging.

Finally, let’s not forget Stories! Not only should you share your video and feed content onto your Stories every time you post, but you should also use it to interact with your existing followers. Ask them what they thought of the video, start a conversation or debate on a topic that was mentioned, and even get new content ideas by using the question feature to ask what they would like to hear you, or your guests talk about next. Your followers are your best sounding board for new ideas because you’re making the content for them to enjoy.

By the end of this blog post, we now have a live video, an IGTV video, a feed post, Stories, Reels, quote assets, audio assets, and carousels. That’s 8+ new pieces of content, all from one video. You can use your new repurposing strategy to inform your planning and organization too, by predicting what kind of insights and snippets you can gain from a video before you record. That way you can plan in the content throughout the following months, and mix it in with new pieces that you produce, in order to keep your feed fresh and keep the ball rolling. Or, if you prefer, you can store all of your repurposed content in one place, so when you hit a wall or don’t know what to post, you have a bank of assets ready to go!

We hope these hacks inspired you to repurpose your Instagram content more and gave you new creative ideas on what you can do to keep growing, stay efficient, and maintain consistency. If you want to learn about how you can make your repurposed content reach new audiences, read about our hashtag strategy, here.

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