Feb 11, 2021
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What does it mean to ‘rank’ on a hashtag?

How do you rank on an Instagram hashtag, and what does it mean to ‘rank’? Find out how to see even more organic growth by ranking, here.

Julia Cohen

We talk a lot about ranking on Instagram hashtags and how it can be great for organic growth and increased Impressions on your account. But, what does it mean to ‘rank’ on a hashtag?

What does it mean to ‘rank’ on a hashtag?

It’s pretty simple. When you rank on a hashtag, it means your content will appear in the ‘Top Posts’ section of that hashtag, so when anyone searches it, your post will be one of the first they see, leading to increased reach, Impressions, and engagement. Also, if someone follows the hashtags that you rank on, you might appear in their newsfeed, should you rank highly.

The ultimate goal is to rank in the ‘Top 9’ of a hashtag, but you can rank in any place, and your content can move down or up with time. Factors that lead you to rank include the engagement on your post when you post it, ranking on other hashtags, and more.

Typically, hashtags are harder to rank on if they are more popular A.K.A. searched or used more frequently by other users. So, naturally, if you rank on these more competitive hashtags, it is likely you will get a lot more eyes on your content. The best way to make sure you have a chance at ranking on competitive hashtags is by using a laddered strategy, which would allow you to rank on easier hashtags which would push your content upwards, by splitting your hashtags on a post between ‘low competition’, ‘medium competition’ and ‘high competition’.

How competitive a hashtag is will vary depending on your account size and average engagement. Within Flick, you can link your Instagram account, and whilst searching for hashtags, you can view how competitive your selection of hashtags are. If you want to learn more about implementing the best hashtag strategy, you can read our guide, here.

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