May 27, 2020
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What’s New at Flick? | May Update

Welcome back to another installment of ‘What’s new at Flick’ – where we break down all of our recent updates and changes that happened in May. 🥳 

Sam King

Welcome back to another installment of ‘What’s new at Flick’ – where we break down all of our recent updates and changes. 🥳 

Ready? Let’s jump straight in.

We’re focusing more of our resources on improving the mobile app. 📲

Whilst the current mobile application does its job (allows you to access your collections on mobile), we are very aware that it’s in need of some improvements. 


So, what can you expect?

We will be releasing updates to the mobile app every few weeks which will include improvements, better functionality, and new features, with the overall aim of creating the best, and most intuitive hashtag application for your mobile.

We’re aiming to improve the mobile app in the following phases: 

  • Replacing ‘Reports’ on mobile with ‘Overview’ from Analytics ✅  
  • Fixing all known issues and bugs (If you have spotted any, please report them here)
  • Implementing new account settings, profiles & in-app navigation
  • Implementing a new design & improving the functionality of Hashtag Collections
  • Introducing Hashtag Search to the mobile app 
  • Analytics & Hashtag Tracking

If you’d like to access and test new features before they’re released, you can join our BETA tester program.

You can now access the ‘Overview’ page of your Analytics on Flick’s mobile app. 📈

Whilst there are a few tweaks still being made to this page, it is now available within the ‘Analytics’ tab in the Flick Mobile app.


Banned hashtags are now flagged in your Collections. 🙅‍♂️

With the popularity of our newly released Banned Hashtag Checker in Search, we decided that it belonged in your Collections too. Now you can rest assured that if Instagram decides to ban or flag a hashtag that you’ve already stored, Flick has your back and will keep you updated. 

Skeleton Loaders ☠️ 

Alongside general improvements to Flick’s speed, we’ve introduced Skeleton loaders to The Analytics Suite (As this sometimes requires a longer loa- time to fetch all your data from Instagram) – and, we’ll be adding these across all of Flick bit by bit!

Keep up to date with known issues and bug fixes via Twitter.

As part of our continued effort to improve Flick (Not just from a technical point of view, but personal one too) we wanted to ensure there was always somewhere you could check if you’re experiencing a problem or wanted to check in on the latest releases. 

You can now do this by following us on Twitter! 



We hope you love all the recent changes! If you think there’s something that we should be working on, why not add a suggestion to our public roadmap? You can do this here. 


Thanks for reading, 

Sam and the Flick Team

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